Physical activity is a powerful environmental factor that, on average, reduces the risk for developing Type II diabetes and may protect against cardiovascular disease. Lack of aerobic fitness has been shown to be a better predictor of illness and premature death than many other factors. However, aerobic fitness has a large genetic component meaning that both genes and physical activity can independently determine health. 

However, whilst some individuals respond very well to exercise training, showing gains in health and fitness, others do not respond well at all. We, for example, have previously shown that following supervised endurance exercise training, 20% of subjects show no change in fitness and 30% demonstrate no improvement in insulin sensitivity and some even seem to get worse!

The long term objective of Metapredict is to discover biomarkers for personalising lifestyle strategies so that life-style advice can be personalised to better prevent metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Biomarkers are measureable characteristics that can be used as an indicator of whether the body is healthy or is in a particular diseased state. The Metapredict project is supported by EU-funding of €6 million and is carried out by an international multidisciplinary research consortium including medical staff, physiologists, and experts in genetics, genomics, informatics, and metabolism.


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